Outstanding Central Plant: MW Cleaners

AUSTIN, Texas — American Drycleaner has awarded Men’s Warehouse Cleaners a Plant Design Award for Outstanding Central Plant. The 12,000-square-foot building located in a warehouse district of Austin helps MW Cleaners easily service its retail locations and delivery routes, president Michael Nesbit reports.  Currently the plant is designed to handle $5 million in business each year with roughly half of the necessary equipment installed thus far with more coming as volume picks up. The plant .

Dependable Cleaners Wins Award

Dependable Cleaners
Massachusetts-based Dependable Cleaners wins annual honor for Outstanding Reconstruction from American Drycleaner. Quincy, Mass – After a fire at Dependable Cleaners’ home office, store and production facility on Quincy Avenue in July 2012, Christa Hagearty set to work to rebuild. Consulting with her team and outside advisors, Hagearty took the opportunity to improve the facility’s layout to increase production as well install additional safety measures, including an advanced sprinkler system and sensors in the duct work. .