Switching to Hydrocarbon – Mythbuster Edition


There’s no question about it, when switching from Perc to an alternative solvent, there is a learning curve.  Let Sanitone provide solutions to quickly get past that hurdle when switching to Hydrocarbon.

Myth:  You cannot achieve Perc cleaning results with Hydrocarbon.

Fact:  Hydrocarbon is a very good degreaser, just needs more cleaning time to attain results.  Cleaning times range from 18 minutes for heated solvent and 22 to 25 minutes for non-heated machines.

Myth:  There will be more pre-spotting and post-spotting with Hydrocarbon.

Fact:  Using Sanitone’s water based detergent at the proper rates will give excellent water soluble soil removal, produce whiter whites, and minimize prespotting and postspotting.

Myth:  Water and hydrocarbon produce odor, bacteria problems, and shrinkage.

Fact:  Water is only a problem when it is “free” or loose to roam about in either the base tank or filter housings.  This type of water is introduced through improper prespotting procedures or equipment failure.  Sanitone detergent has no “free” water and actually reduces the need for prespotting.

Try the following Sanitone Products with Hydrocarbon to produce quality cleaning equivalent to Perc:

1. Sanitone Encore Detergent: A water based cationic detergent which contains a synergistic blend of surfactants and a softener/antistat that has been found to improve soil removal and anti redeposition (soil suspending) properties.

2. Sanitone Style Set Sizing: A special sizing that restores garments to original crispness and improves finishing qualities.

3. Sanitone Ever Fresh: A true odor killer, not a masking agent, that will destroy offensive odors such as cat urine and smoke.  Your sweaters will never smell better.