About Our Brands:


Sanitone is sold under a license arrangement to quality drycleaners throughout the world. Sanitone products are the most advanced soaps, detergents and spotters in the drycleaning industry. The program consists of a completely integrated package of high quality products, technical service and promotional materials that are designed to help drycleaners maximize profits. Experienced Area Managers sell and service the Sanitone products and processes directly to drycleaners and wetcleaners. Sanitone Certified Master Drycleaners also receive advertising packages for their local use that include photography specific to the drycleaning industry. Sanitone has been providing quality products and services to the drycleaning industry since 1932.


Stamford products include drycleaning detergents, spotters and specialty products sold primarily through distributors. Stamford products are of excellent quality and are safe, effective, and compatible with each other as well as today's sophisticated drycleaning and wetcleaning equipment.