To Bleach or Not To Bleach

What can bleach do for you?

bleach bath chart

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Often, the difference between a satisfied and unhappy customer is the ability of the dry cleaner to remove the final traces of a stain.  The difference between a good spotter and an excellent spotter is the ability to remove those difficult stains safely by understanding and properly using various bleaches when required.

The use of stain tags is generally perceived by your customer as, at best, an excuse and at worse, incompetence.  The proper application of bleaches can greatly reduce the use of these “sorry” tags and increase customer confidence in your service.

Most spotters learn their trade “on the job”, have no formal education in the use of bleaches and don’t really know where to find such information so they just do not use them out of fear of damaging the garment.

See our Bleach Bath Chart for a great on-the-job resource for your spotter.